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We understand small business, because we started as a small, local Polish enterprise.
Our offer includes a wide range of various financial services dedicated to micro enterprises and SMEs, developed as a result of 20 years of co-operating with our Customers.

Basing on their opinions, we succeeded in creating a unique set of values offered in our financial solutions.
We commit ourselves to continue to listen actively to our Customers and to develop our offer constantly to enable them to achieve their business goals efficiently in co-operation with us.

On 8-9 March 2017 the European Investment Summit was held in Miami, USA, and it brought together financial investors from United States of America and leading experts of the european NPL market. Members of the Board of Pragma Inkaso - Jacek Obrocki and Prot Zastawniak made one of the main presentations concerning CEE markets with particular emphasis on the polish...
13 March 2017
Once again, Pragma supported the charity campaign Dzieło Świętego Mikołaja (Santa Claus’s Work) that took place on the 06.12.2016 in Nakło Śląskie. See photos >>
12 December 2016
The websites rachunkowosc.org and ksiegowosc.org published an article on the record quarterly results of Pragma Faktoring SA. “…Their consistent strategy of building a diversified, liquid and quickly rotating portfolio has brought the best quarterly results in history, both in terms of revenues and portfolio value.” Read the whole article here  
29 November 2016
“… Pragma Inkaso is not going to lay down arms. As opposed to numerous competitors, the company does not want to fight yet another devastating battle for further unsecured consumer receivables. Their idea of business is different.” Read the whole article here  
22 November 2016
As we informed in the last report, Pragma Group has increased its last year’s result of the value of acquired receivables portfolio 23 times in the 3rd quarter! The nominal value of portfolios acquired by securitising funds Pragma 1 FIZ NFS (created from TFI BDM S.A.) and Bonus 2 Pragma Inkaso NSFIZ and Bonus 3 Pragma Inkaso NSFIZ (created from...
17 October 2016
Attractive offer for small and micro enterprises valid only until September 30th, 2016. Check out the new microfactoring offer and your benefits from the Start Package. Microfactoring offer by Pragma  Pragma Start Package
18 August 2016
Don’t hesitate; check out what Start Package offers your company. Find out how to access your orders in a fast and easy way. Obtain profits from installing the PRAGMA GO mobile application. Pakiet Start Pragma
18 August 2016
Pragma Faktoring has joined the Business Cheetahs 2015 by achieving a value dynamics of 69.4 per cent in the March 2014- March 2015 period, which means an increase in the value dynamics by 33.1 per cent since 2013, when Pragma Faktoring also received the title of Business Cheetah. The European Business Institute has analysed the financial results of 34 705 enterprises. The title Business Cheetah 2015 was awarded...
16 August 2016